Why Work at Global?

Engagement, Engagement, Engagement. Global’s competent, attentive, and engaging corporate team is a huge part of why working with our company is so special. Global is a company that truly cares about its employees. We always go the extra mile so that our employees are recognized, heard, and supported.

The overwhelming amount of positive feedback we’ve received from our employees over the years only further confirms that Global is an outstanding company to work with. We’re very proud of the culture of integrity here at Global, which we believe is critical to our success.

Employee Testimonials

"Everyone (at Global) is responsive, helpful, and willing to work with us in order to show they care and make us feel like valued employees. As a part-time employee, I did not expect to be “valued” as much as a full-time employee. My experience has been the complete opposite! Global has made me feel like I am an asset to the company, and I appreciate the way I have been treated since day one. The culture at Global is positive and focused on building up employees. I have never worked for a company that made me feel so appreciated and valued as Global does."

"At Global, I always feel valued and appreciated. I have work and life balance by having a flexible schedule and generous paid time off. I find mutual respect, trust, honesty, and support in my relationship with my manager. At Global, I value the competitive salary, generous paid time off, sick leave, flexible schedule, opportunity to advance, the recognition from my leaders, and the effective management. I love working at Global!"

"Global is a special place to work because employees are recognized for their work and it makes me feel valued as a team member. My manager is the most caring and considerate leader that I have ever worked with. He is very responsive to all his employees’ questions and concerns. Human Resources reaches out to pharmacists during National Pharmacist Week. They even remember each individual birthday and each employee’s anniversary date. They care so much about all employees who are working at Global."

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